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To locate and secure a fitting and worthy vessel of a certain style and tonnage able to meet the requirements of sailing, free of charge, all United States veterans and active-duty personnel, any and all disabled persons veteran or not, and to establish an on the water academy for the instruction and perpetuation of all arts and sciences related to the movement and operation of VALOR. In happenstance, a random social media post by another naval veteran and now VALOR Board Member Tony Dziadul of Gloucester, Virginia, regarding his vessel named Catalina at that time, so struck us by her lines, history, and origin, that it immediately initiated conversations about the possible acquisition of this vessel as Flagship for Project Valor Sailing. Dziadul so enamored with our concept of service agreed to terms and we took possession one year ago. Next, at her place of purchase in Virginia, we began to date, a year’s long intensive restoration, rebuild and upgrades including disabled adaptability. More than 100 thousand dollars has been raised, and invested in this one-of-a-kind vessel, a Dutch built Lemsteraak, judged one the most beautiful wooden boats in America even before her six figure make over! The Commodore, Adam Howard and his noble crew personally extend you an express invitation to join us in in celebration and the realization of our all-important mission. We would greatly appreciate you visiting our webpage to learn more and to consider a tax-free contribution in support and appreciation of our nation’s heroes.

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