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Bowersock Gallery: A Distinctive Gallery for the Discerning Eye. Provincetown, MA on the tip of Cape Cod, is recognized as one of America’s oldest continuing arts colonies in the country, and Bowersock Gallery is pleased to be located at the very entrance of its historic gallery district. In 2004, Bowersock Gallery was established as a venue to house and encourage the exploration and enjoyment of contemporary, modern, abstract, surrealistic, tonalist, and classical genres. A broad base of masterful and thought-provoking works featuring portraiture, figurative, landscape, and still-life are exhibited using all media in well-diversified forms of visual expression. Exquisite sculptures of bronze, clay, glass, and found objects can also be found, complementing their other fine art counterparts, throughout the three-room gallery. Our mission and passion, simply, is to create an environment where inspiration can grow and flourish. Through innovative art installations, openings, exhibitions, and home staging, our spaces promote engagement, education, and feast for the eyes wonder for individual art collectors and artists, alike. With the advent of newer techniques and technologies, Bowersock Gallery’s openness and willingness to evolve and morph is paramount to all artistic endeavors, moving forward into an ever-changing future. Currently, we represent over forty established and emerging artists, regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized, many with memberships in the Guild of Boston Artists, Copley Art Society, The National Sculpture Society, The Pastel Society of America, and numerous others. We are proud of all of our artists, many of whom are exhibited in prestigious private, and institutional collections, and notable museums. Of note, we are also honored to be listed as one of the top 10 galleries on Cape Cod for 2021. As such, we are wholly dedicated to continuing to be one of the foremost art galleries in New England, and welcome your visit!

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